Young man helping his aging mother to bed

Overnight adult care products that will make your life easier

For aging adults and their caregivers, waking up to wet pajamas and bedding is not a great way to begin the day. The good news is there are many things you can do to reduce and even stop overnight leaks.

Overnight Briefs

Adult incontinence products are not all created equal!

Absorbency Levels: Even with overnight products, different brands have different levels of absorbency. Many products may be described as maximum or super absorbency but may not protect all night. Check for information on the actual amount of fluid a product is designed to hold. If it doesn’t clearly state the amount of liquid, it holds steer clear. Our Tranquility® Premium OverNight™ Pull-Ons hold 1005mLs and are designed to last all night.

Moisture Barrier: Keeping the skin dry is essential to comfort, protecting the skin from rashes and sores and reducing the chance of getting a urinary tract infection. During the day, it’s easier to change and clean quickly after each void. But, it’s extra important to use a high-quality product that keeps moisture and urine away from the skin at nighttime. An overnight product that allows you to stay dry all night also means not getting up for nighttime changes. Look for products with absorbent channels to draw urine away from the skin and wicking layers that reduce moisture.

Correct Fit: If a product is loose around the waist or legs, it’s more likely to leak. Find a product that fits snug but not too tight. A brief is often best for overnight use. You can adjust the fit with side tabs reducing the chance of leaking. Before putting on briefs, make sure to open it completely. They can gather up when packaged and become folded, often around the elastic leg openings. This may cause the elastic bands not to fit the legs properly, allowing urine to leak out. Completely open and gently stretch, especially leg openings, before use.

Washable bed pads

Washable bed pads like our Reusable Polyester / Rayon Heavy Bed Pad can make a caregiver's life easier!

Absorbency Bed Pad: Washable bed pads can often be a lifesaver for caregivers. They can be used as a sliding device to age in repositioning your loved one when they have wiggled to the bottom of the bed. Also, when a person becomes wet overnight, you may only have to wash the bed pad and not all of the sheets. The pads have a waterproof barrier on the bottom side of the pad, which protects the sheets. Other benefits include quilted cool comfort, unlike the disposable pads that often stick to your skin when you move—also, less waste. Once you begin adding disposable underwear to your garbage can, it can fill up quickly.